Cycling in HDRI (High Dynamic Range Image)

Lately the weather has been unstable. Sunny summer weather interchanges with rainy phases. Sometimes the day starts off with warmth and sunshine, just like one imagines that summer should be like. After a while clouds pile up and a sudden, almost tropical downpour of rain soaks roads, gardens and anything walking and crawling outside. At least the temperatures remain warm, even mellow.

However, trying to avoid getting caught in heavens waterfalls and the hassle of having to clean my road bike, I have been running. Nevertheless, I do risk a ride and so far I have been lucky. Several times I managed to get back home, and just as I opened the entrance door, people with umbrellas were walking hastily and those without were running frantically around in desperate search of shelter.

I have to be honest, if I’d have a proper place to tidy up my carbon horse, I’d ride in these summer showers. Have you ever experienced a warm summer day in which weather changes from sunshine to rain, perhaps even accompanied by a thunderstorm? One rides through wafts of warm humid wind, while the sky gets colored and bright and dark areas create an eery as well as a fascinating scenery, with impressing formations of clouds setting in. You encounter headwinds and gusts that come from the sides, and sometimes tailwinds that push you to speeds you often only dream to have on certain roads. Due to the nature of a thunderstorm there are also cool breezes… Is it a major change of weather? Then you smell water that has hit dusty roads and dry grass. Humidity and warmth support the release of various fragrances, like the sent of pine wood and fir needles. Then you sense light sprinkles of rain… it perhaps even stops, only to set in again. Wind picks up, stronger. Then the shower, heaven has opened its gates. Instantly you get wet from head to toe, while it happens you feel how the dryness of your cycling gear vanishes. At first it might be awkward, but at a certain point, then when all of you is drenched, its nice and that humid element turns out to be pleasant and comforting. Sounds quite strange, right? Well, that’s how I have experienced summer downpours.

Anyway, as mentioned, lately I avoid getting caught in the rain, and have been successful in that. Still, riding in this cooking pot has been a great experience. Especially if wearing sunglasses which have a polarizing effect, colors are boosted and the clouds are more impressive due to more contrast. Along the roads the dandelions are really yellow, and not whitish yellow, grass and leaves are lush green, instead of grayish green. Riding in summer downpours or during interchanging weather is as if cycling in a HDRI… I’m lucky, and grateful, to be in this picture, moving and having the ability to have full surround vision (even surround sound), smelling and feeling natures weather wonders.